Welcome to the Sabal Pines Model Yacht Club:

The Boats We Sail:

Currently we mainly sail the RC Laser and Dragon Flight 95
​However, we have members who own other RC boats as well...such as the International One Meter and Dragon Force 65.

Our club promotes radio controlled sailboat racing in South Florida. We have sailors of all skill levels, and guests are welcome to come and sail with us any time, whether you are an experienced sailor or would just like to learn. RC sailing is a great way to learn sailing, the rules of sailboat racing, and racing tactics.  We have several seasoned racers who are willing to share their experience to help others improve their skills.  We often have competitive races, but the number one rule is to have fun.  We always welcome new members.  Even if you don't have a boat, come out and join us for a test drive.

Our club is a member (#106) of the American Model Yachting Association, AMYA, which is the national governing body of model yachting.

The RC Laser is a scaled down version of the famous "one design" Laser, the most popular "real boat" sailing class in the world.  The RC Laser, however, does not require a trailer, life jackets, or hours and hours of set-up time before you can be in the water and sailing.  The RC Laser was designed to be up and sailing out of the box in under 7 minutes.  There is no need to learn about epoxy glues, Kevlar and Fiberglass construction, or sail design.  All you need is 2 feet of water, a desire to sail, and some wind. Just snap in the keel, mast, and rudder assemblies...slip in the batteries...clip on the sails and you are ready to go.  It IS that simple.The R/C Laser is destined to bring a whole new group of people to the R/C sailing world, those interested in competition without the worry of design.

For more info on the RC Laser click here.

About S.P.M.Y.C.

Sabal Pines Model Yacht Club

 The Dragon Flite 95 is a Restricted One Design boat that is meant to compete within a strict set of rules to ensure a true test of a skipper.s ability to tune their boat and race it well. Additionally, this 950mm boat is of high quality for a modest price. The DF95 is sold ready to race for $475 which includes transmitter and receiver, just add AA batteries. For those already in the hobby, a boat without transmitter and receiver can be purchased for $400. The DF95 comes with a carbon fiber keel, Mylar sails, and a one piece carbon mast, all cutting edge components. It can be on the water in a few hours and assembled by a person with no experience building boats.  Its sailings characteristics are such that it is easily sailed by a beginner but offers exceptional performance for the seasoned skipper. Going upwind it sails as if on rails and downwind, because of its light weight and nice water line, is quick and agile. 

For more info on the DF 95 click here.